Still no foalies!

7 11 2008

All three mares looking very ripe and rapidly expanding udders but not looking anywhere near to foaling yet. I was sure we would have at least one on the ground by now – oh well keep waiting…..

Starting to get to a bit of a race as to who will pop first, me or the mares! lol  Just my luck it will all happen at the same time though at least that will keep my mum out of my hair as I will get her to do foal checks.

The rest of the crew are just cruising. Pops and Stella are still grazing together in the front paddocks but I have removed thier rugs as it was getting a bit hot. They are both looking good desite being shut in the same paddock for weeks! 

The rest of them are cruising around in the trees and all but Josh are still rugged.   I really must get them in so I can remove their rugs soon though it is nice and shady in the trees and there is also usually a bit of a breeze so they don’t have the problem of getting too hot.

Fricken calves are doing my head in! They have absolutely no respect for the fences (even the hot wires!) and they just wander all over the property.  Was very annoyed today to see one of them in my paddock that I have been saving for the mares once they have foaled.  Ana (little dexter cow) is off to visit a wagyu bull this weekend.  Rosalie did offer her dexter bull but this boy is just up the road from us so a bit easier for the moment.