A new addition!

20 10 2008

Yes I know I am supposed to be downsizing BUT this girl was due ot be dog tuckered and I couldn’t resist a look at her.  Well she is gorgeous and goes by the name of Stella! 

Stella is a 3 yr tb/standy x that stands about 16hh and although only a plain bay she has a real presence about her. I think her bulk might have something to do with that of course!! lol She is solidly built and at the moment a little overweight.  (will get a photo today)

Poor girl got loaded up on the truck with (heaven forbid) a cow and calves and then had the long trip North from Cambridge.   On the way she had her tail chewed by the calves, who also walked under and behind her (whilst travelling along in the truck I might add) and then had the unfortunate incident of losing her footing when she slipped on cow poo as we come down Rosalies rather steep and bumpy driveway.  Anyway she ended up lying down with her front legs stretched out in from of her and poor me having minor heart attacks when I saw her but she wasn’t in the least worried or stressed.  In fact it took a bit to convince her that she couldn’t travel the rest of the way home like that and she really would have to get back up again! LOL  I must say I am very impressed with her sensible attitude.

Arrived home several hours later in the dark and she wasn’t quite so keen to get off the truck but once she had, she followed me calmly down to the yard and settled immediately in the round pen for the night with some hay and water.




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