13 10 2008

Moved my three broodies into a new paddock today after worming them on Sunday.  Star who is due to foal early November is looking really good but Ebony and Asti had both lost a bit of condition lately. Hopefully they will start to pick up now they have been wormed and moved onto the fresh grass.

The grass situation on the property is still not great. It is growing very slowly but not enough at the moment to really make a difference.  I am still having to feed out hay and throw hardfeed around. The main group have been put in the pine hill block and I am being mean and making them stay in there as long as possible.  There is grass but they have to look for it and at the moment they like to hang around the yard area in the hope that I will feed them.  I really need to get the river flat paddocks recovered, freshened and growing some decent grass before they are allowed anywhere near them again.

Had my two bigger cows knocked off the other day and they will go in the freezer.  That just leaves me with my little Dexter cow and a mixture of 3 calves for now.  Until the feed situation improves that is quite enough though I still plan to get another cow and some wiltshire sheep plus a piggy or two!




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