Lynx off to Auckland

30 09 2008

Well tomorrow Lynx is off to Auckland to try out at his possible new home.  Will be quite sad to see him go as he has been with me the longest now.  I took some pictures last week of him all spruced up so will post one here too.



30 09 2008

Well Ellies leg is looking a bit better. She is still knuckling over on it at times but mostly is coping quite well. I have put her out in the paddock with several of the other mares now and she seems quite happy. Still bandaging her leg but it is often slipping down despite me taping the bandage to her leg hairs so I think I might make the decision to leave it off this weekend and see how it goes.

Ellie's leg 21 days after injuryLater on I am thinking of finding somewhere for her to go out on the hills to just strengthen up and play the wait and see game. 


The woman who was supposed to take the fillies changed her mind but I spent a week with all three in teh yard and managed to get a new halter on Tessa and teach her the basics of leading and tying. Was able to lead both her and Amy over to the tree yards and put rugs on them both. Also drenched them again with an oral drench and will get them in again in a week or so to do them again with a tape drench also.

Unfortunatley Pebbles was not so co-operative and after several failed attempts to get her haltered we have left things alone. She got into such a panic and threw herself around ending up re-opening the cut on her leg.  I let her make her own way to the tree yards where she stayed in with the others for a week.  Trying to get some more nutrious food and minerals into them and then they went out in the paddock again.

Pebbles leg looks like it has got infected and the oral antibiotics have been ineffective. She is in such poor condition despite all the good food that finally the decison was made to call it quits with her.  Pebbles crossed the rainbow bridge today. RIP little girl.  It was a terribly hard decison and I have been feeling pretty cr@p about it.  Was made only slightly better when we saw the terrible damage that worms had done to her gut and the huge quantity that she was carrying.  I seriously doubt that she would ever have recovered to full health again. 😦

Fortunately the other two fillies dont seem to be as bad. They have both responded well to the latest lot of handling and drench and are starting to gain that vital weight again. Fingers crossed.

General News

15 09 2008

Well in case I haven’t mentioned it before – I am pregnant and already 6 1/2 months along so riding has pretty much been put on hold now til after the baby is born in Dec.  A bit of a bummer as the season is just starting now! lol

My missing filly Jade still hasn’t been found and the chances now aren’t that great though I keep hoping she might turn up eventually.

Sam was sold to a friend Anne who renamed him Benson and has since sold him on herself.  She emailed me through some lovely new pictures of him which I will load up later.  The extra attention he received with her really helped him come along heaps.

Young Josh is growing up! He will let me catch him in the paddock now and he has graduated to wearing a rug also.  He adores hardfeed and will hang around the yard in the hopes of getting some extra!

My broodmares returned home. They ran out of grass where they had been grazing and after the sad death of Rosalie’s old mare Gretel I wasn’t too unhappy to have them back home even though the feed is rather short here too!  Ebony and Star are looking great. Asti is not so good and I am a little doubtful as to whether she is even still in foal.  Will give her a bit more time and see how she is looking after the spring growth has come through before making any decisions about her future.

Our cow herd has expanded from 2 to 6! Our two highland x’s have been joined by a pb dexter and her heifer calf and two little weaners –  1 steered boy (dexter) and 1 heifer (mixed). Our black highland will probably go in the freezer this summer and the dexter boy will be a future freezer boy too!

Finally last but not least is that I sold my beloved Lyric!  He has gone to a super new home with Julie McD and she is having a great time with him and loves him to bits which is a fantastic conclusion for me.  I had realised a long time ago that I was limited with him and was becoming a bit frustrated. He is perfect for what Julie wants and he is really thriving on all the love, care and attention that he now receives.  As a result I have got on with Poppy more and am really enjoying her and feeling very positive about our future together, which is great. :o)


15 09 2008

I was devasted to go out two weeks ago and see Ellie missing from the herd only to end up finding her over in the neighbours with her back legs torn to pieces with wire cuts.  One is so bad that it has partially cut the extensor tendon at the front of her left hind leg. 

She has spent 2 weeks so far in the round pen (to keep her from moving too much and keep her out of the mud) with the vet initially visiting daily then every couple of days.  We had to sedate her for bandage changing the first few times and then I was able to do it with hubbys help until finally yesterday I was able to do it on my own.

At this stage I am changing it about every 3 days and applying activated manuka honey. Its looking ok and I think she will definitely be fine as a future broodmare though I am still hoping that it will heal well enough for her to be a rideable prospect and maybe even compete. Fingers crossed!


15 09 2008

After Poppy’s little incident with the fence back in May she has really done much.  It took a while for her leg to heal and then unfortunately she got a bad stonebruise in the hoof of the same leg!  She had a couple of sporadic hacks and schooling sessions during which she behaved extremely well and I was really pleased with how much she has settled down. 

A couple of weeks back she got dragged out of the paddock again and after a few rides we went and did a little pony club dressage day at Kaikohe. Her first test was a bit erratic partly due to a lack of warm up space and also she was a bit silly with her canter transitions. She still gets a bit stuck on the left canter lead and so we added a few extra movements while I circled around to ask for it again.

Her second test was vastly improved and I was very pleased with how it went overall.  Her trot work was light and active and forward and her canter much improved.  We ended up with scores in the sixties and a 3rd for the second test. 🙂

On the whole I was really rapt with her and the whole day from loading on the truck at home til we got back again her behaviour was really good. Bodes extremely well for the future and I can’t wait til I am able to really get her out competing.

Its been such a shame that most of the winter dressage days up North were cancelled as I am not getting to the point where I am too pregnant to ride and will have to wait til after the baby is born.  Poppy will probably have the next 3 months off other than a bit of lunging but I don’t think the break will do her any harm.

Amy & Pebbles

15 09 2008

A woman was supposed to be taking either Amy or Pebbles so in preparation I got them in the round pen where they ended up living for 2 weeks and still the woman never turned up to handle or collect one of them.  

Still the time in did them both good. Amy ended up getting a makeover and after being rehaltered I was able to brush her over and tidy her mane and tail – WOW she looks like a different horse! Must get some new pics!  She is also now wearing a cover and accepted it without too much fuss which I was very pleased about. Amy has always been quite a madam and I was expecting her to be a handful but she really surprised me with her accepting attitude.

The two girls have since gone back out with the others due to needing the round pen again.

Pebbles turn for a makeover will be next I think!

Update! – a tough winter

15 09 2008

Gosh quite a bit has happened since I last posted – where to start!

Firstly its been a really tough winter with almost constant rain and the ground a slushy mess. The paddocks are really suffering and as a result the horses aren’t doing so great either despite attempts to keep the feed supply up.   Out last few wrapped bales were very disappointing and had gone mouldy in places  and my lot alone could easily eat 6 of the small bales a day no problem however at nearly $15 a bale we can’t afford to get any more for them.

Have been throwing out quite a lot of grain for them in the big long cow grain feeder which I have ‘borrowed’ from Mum and adding some molasses to that as well.

Trying to keep the mob mostly on the hill and scrappy areas so that the river paddocks don’t get too trashed as once the sun does finally show itself I will be needing them to grow as quickly as possible.