The girls!

22 03 2008

Well they finally all have names!

Tessa, Opal, Pebbles and Amy.  They are all still very scruffy looking and need to gain more weight. I haven’t managed to get a tapeworm drench in them yet but they have had some general drench in feed though I am unsure as to how much they each got! Really need to get them all in and tube drench them.  Tessa is the worst at the moment. She is the biggest filly and one of the ones I first brought in but she seems to be really struggling. I think getting a proper drench in her is a priority and may have to start her on some hardfeed daily.

opal5.jpg Opal – a real sweetie! She will come up and is ok with you giving her a rub. The youngest of the lot but a really nice filly.

tessa3.jpg Tessa – biggest and oldest of the fillies. She also has the most stunning movement. Just need to get her healthy. She is a bit shy to handle though she will approach you in the paddock she is reluctant to let you touch her.

pebbles13.jpg Pebbles – finally returned from her visit to the neighbours. Took a week to finally convince her to follow Lyric back home again. She missed out on the haltering session that the other fillies had but seems friendly enough in the paddock.

amy7.jpg Amy – a real ‘show pony’ attitude! lol  She is a very pretty filly with a lovely head. She had a haltering sesson but was probably the flightiest of the group and slightly more temperamental. Think she will be fine with more handling.


The boys!

22 03 2008

Well the vet has been booked to come and geld both boys. Sam isn’t good enough quality to keep entire and it will be much easier to find him a new home as a gelding. Josh is still very babyish and hasn’t shown the slightest coltiness plus it is difficult to actually see his bits –  I am hoping they will show themselves in time for gelding!

Sam has progressed to wearing a cover and has had his mane trimmed and a good brush so he is starting to look heaps better.  Still needs to gain a bit more weight but hopefully with the hardfeed he is getting daily he will start to fill out.

sam16.jpg  Sam (before his makeover!)

Josh has gone down the back paddocks with the remaining fillies at the moment. He is still looking very scruffy and is in need of some time and attention. Need to get him up soon for a bit of tlc.

josh1.jpg Josh

Update on 2 of the fillies that sold

22 03 2008

Silver, the little steel grey filly and Maggie (as she is now known), the black filly have both gone to the same new home. Their new mum sent me some photos showing them all saddled and bridled!

Silver and Maggie loaded onto a horsefloat within 10 mins of calm persuasion. It was a first time for both of them and an especially big event for Maggie who had only had 3 days of handling prior to this – what a good girl she is.  Travelling down, Maggie had a bit of a rough trip, loosing her footing a couple of times in the float and causing them to have to stop to get her sorted out again. Silver was good and remained steady and calm despite having people clambering around her in the float as they helped Maggie get sorted. 

maggie-pie-sadled-bridle-2.jpg Maggie

    Silver Silver

Nice to see them progressing to calm, handled riding horses. Best of luck to Brigittte.