19 02 2008

Well I haven’t posted for a while but I have been busy!  Have now got halters on all my ‘wild horses’ (minus the one (the chestnut pictured below) that has jumped the fence  into the neighbours – must go and get her back today!)

  Silvie  Silvie (pictured) – the little grey filly who I have done the most with is now happily leading and tying and I have groomed her all over, picked her feet up and she has finally had a dose of decent wormer. As a result she is starting to look really good.  She comes up to you to be caught and loves her dinner! lol  I have been advertising and have someone interested in both her and the pretty black mare.  They are coming this week to view.

The big bay mare (Tessa) that I am thinking of keeping for myself is still quite wary. She will lead and tie sort of but I haven’t yet convinced her that being caught is a great idea.  Still we will keep working on her.

The last 3 fillies were only haltered yesterday and so far I have only worked with the black girl (Pacifica – pictured below). She was very calm and relaxed about things. Had a few pulls against the rope that I introduced to her and lay down on the ground a couple of times but all in all I was extremely pleased with her nice nature and the progress we made.  Will work with her again today and try to et some more pictures for advertising.

black.jpg   chestnut3.jpg   littlebay.jpg