Another one goes home

15 01 2008

Another of my starters went home today. Sadly they weren’t able to have  a ride on her before they went as her owner had injured himself, so I was a little nervous about letting her go. I really do prefer my owners to come and have a ride or two near the end of thier horses education.  Oh well fingers crossed she behaves herself and all goes well. I think I friend of thiers (who I started a young horse for last year) was going to have a ride on her today.

The big girl that came in 2 wks ago for schooling and sale has been confirmed as having laminitis and is not in a a great way at the moment. We have trimmed her feet today to try and make her more comfortable and she is on hay and water only for a while. Poor girl but at least her owner is going to leave her here to recover which I am actually quite glad about.

Only have my young gelding and filly left as client starters. Gave the gelding the day off today and put him out in the big paddock as he had been fence walking and was losing weight.  The young madam got a lunge work-out and some mounting and dismounting practise – something she had been a bit tetchy with.

Found out the breeding and confirmed the age of the tb mare I picked up with the 2 colts. She is 11yrs by Stylish Century and out of Riccardina. Her registered name is “It’s just Ricki” – absolutely awful in my opinion so we have decided to just call her Asti. She is looking a lot better and I think is still in foal. I have drenched her again and she in in the front paddock getting extra feed to help her along. Would love to know when she is due  – suppose we will just have to wait and find out.


Carrying On ….

10 01 2008

Had one of my starters go home today. Went for a ride over the back farm first and walked, trotted and cantered up and down the hills. Owner seemed very happy.  Always feel a bit nervous when they initially go home – hoping that everything goes ok and nothign bad happens. I try to set the rider up so they have skills to cope with any ‘bad’ behaviour should it happen but I always hope that they won’t need to use it.

Another one to go this weekend and the last 2 go at the end of this month so I will have a bit of time to start playing around with my group of fillies.

Went to a sj & xc clinic last weekend. Was really fun and found it quite inspiring and motivating. Got me keen to start doing some competition again and get my own horses going better.  I also picked up my new jumping saddle and had a play in it today. Felt quite strange after doing so much jumping in a straight cut gp! Did some schooling in it and then popped over some jumps and started to feel a bit more settled by the end. Will make a point to have a ride in it each day to get used to it and to wear it in a bit.

Must get out there with the camera – still need some names for horses though the fillies papers have now arrived and I will use some of the names from them.