xmas blah!

27 12 2007

Not my favourite time of the year but we have survived and continue on.  Fairly quiet time with the horses just keeping them ticking over.  Had 2 owners out to visit and both had rides on thier ponies and seemed happy enough with thier progress. Due to the appalling weather recently I hadn’t been able to do much with the young ones.

Did get around to splitting up the 2 young colts and was very pleased when both of them led out with virtually no hassle after only 1-2 previous leading sessions in the yard.  They are now both out in paddocks – the little one on his own and the older boy with 2 girls!

Yep decided to make use of his services and get 2 of my mares in foal.  I was so pleased with his gentle way with the mares and the fact that he happily let me go in and catch him afterwards.  Still need some names for them though!

The girls papers finally arrived and on them are the names they had been registered with so I will probably on the whole stick with them.  Haven’t done any more with them lately other then move the 2 around paddocks.  The grey is still coming up to me and I am able to catch hold of her halter but the tall bay (Tessa) remains elusive and wary.  Though keen to come forward to you she will not allow you to touch her and if you do she leaps away.

The remaining group are down the back with my ‘tame’ fillies and all have put on weight and are looking somewhat fatter but still scruffy.  Need to worm them all again.

The tb mare (infoal) that came with the boys is slowly gaining weight, though I still look at her in shock each time I see her and wonder if she still retains the foal. She was so thin!

Most of my starters head home again in the next week or two so I will have some time to work a bit more on my group, and sold another older riding horse recently so thats one less to work of my own.


Hands On!

11 12 2007

A grey day but at least no rain so decided to make the most of it and get to work on the 2yr colt. Was able to run him into a makeshift race and he calmly accepted me running my hands over most of his body. Was able to slip a rope halter & lead on and also a rope around his girth so let him have a bit of time to get used to the feeling of the pressure on him then tied him off.  He had a few pulls but on the whole was reasonably calm and ok with it all. Left him tied up for a couple of hours with some hay to eat.  When I came back I was able to walk up to him and again rub him all over as well as remove his belly rope and lead rope for the day. Will work with him again tomorrow but I am really pleased with the result from today. YAY!

Two owners came visiting and seemed pleased with how thier horses are going. Had a buyer look at little coloured horse thats in for sale but they were not interested.  Got another phone call tonight though that sounds very promising so fingers crossed.

Noah’s Ark?

8 12 2007

Since returning home from visiting family it has not stopped raining!  Managed to get a ride in yesterday during a brief lull in the weather but today it is pouring again. 

Everyone is on holding pattern and I am just dashing out a few times a day to check covers and throw some food around.

My two colts arrived the other day and have been living in the round pen ever since. The 2yr old (think maybe he is a little older) is quite colty and not safe to put out in the paddock at this stage – I don’t trust him not to put his feet through the fence or something while he is getting excited and calling to all the fillies!  The mare that arrived with them is now down the back paddocks and hopefully gaining some weight as she was very thin. She is supposed to be in foal so needs a bit more condition on her pronto!

Just purchased a load of hay and but need to collect it from down south so looks like a road trip coming up one day this week.