27 11 2007

Need to start thinking up some names for everyone!


Rolling along

27 11 2007

After the rain the yards went a bit mushy so have put the fillies out in the paddock while they are drying up a bit – might actually get in there and put that new rock base down then we won’t have this problem.  The fillies moved very calmy and quietly out and only pranced around a bit for barely a minute before settling down to eat! Here I was expecting them to have a huge rark around and show off! LOL  Still I did get to see some very impressive passage type trot from the big bay filly. I am thinking about keeping her!

Went out yesterday and was able to walk up and catch the little grey which was great. They are both starting to look a bit better – will try and get some pics later today.

The other herd are in the trees and we hear them thunder down the hill and then they will cruise around by the house for a while watching to see what is happening here.  The chocolate filly managed to get split off from them after a tree came down on the fence and then did the most spectacular clean jump back over a full wire fence to get back to the others! OK we have established that she CAN JUMP!

Had a very good few days with all my starters. Everyone is now under saddle and no issues.  Just need to get them all past that initial sticky stage and we will be fine.  I teach them to accept a lot of leg,  as I can’t stand it when you hop on horses and just resting your legs down thier sides is enough to give them a heart attack, but we will start riding with a short jump bat to now teach them to move forward off the leg a bit more from now on. This also ties in quite nicely with the inhand work where they get used to a whip as a cue to go forward.

Only 2/3 weeks left for some of them so need to start refining them a bit and go for that first big hack.

Have some BOYS coming today (hopefully) and a mare in foal so will update again (with pictures) once that is all done.

Rain at long last! Yay!

23 11 2007

I knew that washing the car and painting fences would help induce it to rain! LOL

Spent a bit of time today just tidiying up around the yard and refreshing paint on the wooden fences to smarten the place up a bit – was looking a bit faded from the sun and flood waters earlier in the year.

Have put four of the AA fillies up in the trees and the 2 in the yards are settling well.  Have managed to get a halter on the steel grey filly and started teaching her to give to pressure.  Also brushed her over and removed the dreadlocks and tangles from her mane.  The bigger bay is being a bit more shy – still not keen to have me touch her but I am able to work around her mucking out her yard and sometimes accidently touching her.  Would like to just give her the time to want the attention rather than forcing it on her so will just keep on as we are for now.

My starters are all working well.  Sat on ‘the tank’ this week and will aim to have a good walk and trot established on her by the end of the week.  The little appy filly is a bit slower and needed more time with just the gear on but will definitely be up on her back this coming week.  Young Kody is walking and trotting under saddle and rider but just need to get it a bit less sticky and more forward thinking.  Will introduce canter this week and also do more of the inhand work which should help.

Off to visit family in the South Is at the end of this week so everyone will get a few days off.

A new schooler arrives on Monday and when I come back from down South, I will be bringing up another starter – a very full house!  My own horses are definitely going to enjoy thier holidays.

Photo shoot!

21 11 2007

Have a write up on Merlyn  Eq in the Organic Equine magazine and they needed some pictures so my neighbour, my sister and myself had to run around getting some! Was hilarious!

Kody out longlining 

Here is one of Kody out longlining.

Backing a young horse – backing-young-horse.jpg

jo-lyric3.jpg  Me on Lyric.

21 Nov

20 11 2007

Moved the fillies today. Have separated out 2 of them and manged to gently push them into the yards under the trees. Left another horse in to keep them company and hopefully settled.  The remaining four are now in the round pen and today I am going to build a smaller yard off the side of it so I can move them into there when I need to use the round pen. Don’t want any of them out on my paddocks just yet as they look like they are full of worms and covered in ticks. Going to have to get some pour on to treat them at this stage – no chance of getting wormers in thier mouths yet.

Introduced them to some chaff and molasses and most of them have had a nibble. One or two have got in and scoffed the lot! lol

Was a good day working all the young ones – backed 2 of them and 1 even had a proper ride around. Didn’t manage to get all my own horses worked though despite working solidly all day. Will have to work the ones that got missed first today.

19 Nov

19 11 2007

Already racing towards the end of Nov and have the most horses in that I have ever had! 3 starters, 2 schoolers, my 4 in work and the grand arrival today of 6 totally unhandled 3-4yr old anglo arab fillies. That doesn’t include the ‘others’ that I am not doing anything with at the moment! Need to be even more organised than usual.

Home of Merlyn Equestrian

19 11 2007

Welcome to my blog! News and ramblings from Jo at ME.