Still no foalies!

7 11 2008

All three mares looking very ripe and rapidly expanding udders but not looking anywhere near to foaling yet. I was sure we would have at least one on the ground by now – oh well keep waiting…..

Starting to get to a bit of a race as to who will pop first, me or the mares! lol  Just my luck it will all happen at the same time though at least that will keep my mum out of my hair as I will get her to do foal checks.

The rest of the crew are just cruising. Pops and Stella are still grazing together in the front paddocks but I have removed thier rugs as it was getting a bit hot. They are both looking good desite being shut in the same paddock for weeks! 

The rest of them are cruising around in the trees and all but Josh are still rugged.   I really must get them in so I can remove their rugs soon though it is nice and shady in the trees and there is also usually a bit of a breeze so they don’t have the problem of getting too hot.

Fricken calves are doing my head in! They have absolutely no respect for the fences (even the hot wires!) and they just wander all over the property.  Was very annoyed today to see one of them in my paddock that I have been saving for the mares once they have foaled.  Ana (little dexter cow) is off to visit a wagyu bull this weekend.  Rosalie did offer her dexter bull but this boy is just up the road from us so a bit easier for the moment.



20 10 2008

Well I got the news this morning that Lynx went on the transporter yesterday down to his new home in the South Island. He should arrive Wednesday I am told.  I really hope his new owners like him and will send me the odd update every so often.

All 3 of my broodies have started bagging up!  Ebs is looking the biggest and most imminent but the other two are not far behind her.  Star is the only one that I have a service date from (due in about 2 wks)  as Asti came to me already in foal and had been running with a stallion, and the woman that had Eb last season didn’t seem to have any idea of when her stallion had served Eb!  Oh well just play the wait and see game I suppose.

A new addition!

20 10 2008

Yes I know I am supposed to be downsizing BUT this girl was due ot be dog tuckered and I couldn’t resist a look at her.  Well she is gorgeous and goes by the name of Stella! 

Stella is a 3 yr tb/standy x that stands about 16hh and although only a plain bay she has a real presence about her. I think her bulk might have something to do with that of course!! lol She is solidly built and at the moment a little overweight.  (will get a photo today)

Poor girl got loaded up on the truck with (heaven forbid) a cow and calves and then had the long trip North from Cambridge.   On the way she had her tail chewed by the calves, who also walked under and behind her (whilst travelling along in the truck I might add) and then had the unfortunate incident of losing her footing when she slipped on cow poo as we come down Rosalies rather steep and bumpy driveway.  Anyway she ended up lying down with her front legs stretched out in from of her and poor me having minor heart attacks when I saw her but she wasn’t in the least worried or stressed.  In fact it took a bit to convince her that she couldn’t travel the rest of the way home like that and she really would have to get back up again! LOL  I must say I am very impressed with her sensible attitude.

Arrived home several hours later in the dark and she wasn’t quite so keen to get off the truck but once she had, she followed me calmly down to the yard and settled immediately in the round pen for the night with some hay and water.


13 10 2008

Moved my three broodies into a new paddock today after worming them on Sunday.  Star who is due to foal early November is looking really good but Ebony and Asti had both lost a bit of condition lately. Hopefully they will start to pick up now they have been wormed and moved onto the fresh grass.

The grass situation on the property is still not great. It is growing very slowly but not enough at the moment to really make a difference.  I am still having to feed out hay and throw hardfeed around. The main group have been put in the pine hill block and I am being mean and making them stay in there as long as possible.  There is grass but they have to look for it and at the moment they like to hang around the yard area in the hope that I will feed them.  I really need to get the river flat paddocks recovered, freshened and growing some decent grass before they are allowed anywhere near them again.

Had my two bigger cows knocked off the other day and they will go in the freezer.  That just leaves me with my little Dexter cow and a mixture of 3 calves for now.  Until the feed situation improves that is quite enough though I still plan to get another cow and some wiltshire sheep plus a piggy or two!

Chester and Lynx both to new homes

13 10 2008

Chester has gone to a lovely new home just south of Dargaville where he will live on a Dairy Farm (yes I warned them NOT to let him eat the grass!!).  They have a mad keen daughter and 4 boys who will be sharing him and so he is very much a family horse.

His delivery was uneventful though the same can’t be said for the trip home where a series of mishaps with the float caused a bit of mayhem and stress! The final event being the float getting caught by a gust of wind and turning over! Not something I ever want to repeat I can assure you.

Lynx didn’t suit the Auckland people but has since been purchased by a family in the South Island. Mum is an experienced horse person and young daughter has been riding for years so it should be the perfect situation for him.  He is due to travel down later next week after he has had his first strangles vaccination.

People to see Chester

5 10 2008

Well last week some people came to try Chester on behalf of some friends and he was an absolute angel.  Today the actually family that are looking to buy turned up (2 adults and 5 kids!) and again he didn’t put a foot wrong so looing very positive. Should hopefully have a definite answer from them eitehr tonight or tomorrow.

Took a piccie of him after a quick makeover

Lynx off to Auckland

30 09 2008

Well tomorrow Lynx is off to Auckland to try out at his possible new home.  Will be quite sad to see him go as he has been with me the longest now.  I took some pictures last week of him all spruced up so will post one here too.